Good Cold Weather Fishing On The Gunpowder River, Maryland

Winter's Day On The Gunpowder River 
 Ah…fishing in the snow. Other anglers must like fishing during a good snowfall, as much as I do, because I saw a few cars in a couple different lots along the river yesterday.  When the temps finally hit thirty degrees I had to wet a line, and the falling snow was a bonus. I checked water temps at Falls Rd, 37 degrees, and the Monkton stretch was iced over at the Bridge. Most of the smaller creeks in the region are just thawing out after last weeks frigid temps, while the Gunpowder is ice free through the C & R water. In two hours I caught a couple of pretty fish, including this little rainbow.
Little Fingerling Rainbow

Catching fish isn’t that hard, but it’s far from easy this time of year. Tandem nymph rigs under a small indicator using 6x or 7x is a good setup.  We have been tying up some patterns in the shop that imitate the nymphs and midge larva the trout are seeing. Streamers have been working for many anglers, using a variety of retrieves, in all types of water. No matter how cold it gets, the fish still have to eat!