Thingamabobbers and Dr. Slick Clamps

It is interesting how a sport steeped in so much tradition has progressed so far that even new designs of an old idea can be greatly improved upon. These new products can help you catch and release more fish. 


Consider the Thingamabobber. This round, plastic air filled indicator has an O-ring for easy on and off, holds up heavy nymph rigs and is super sensitive on strikes. These indicators are lighter than all others, cast easier and land softer on the water too. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Dr Slick’s new clamps make debarbing, removing shot, and releasing fish easier. The Release clamp has a built in release tube, that slides down the line, removing the fly without the need to clamp onto the hook. It helps while using the small stuff or delicate flies that get damaged easily by clamps.  The Split Shot clamp, with specially designed slotted jaws, makes putting on or taking off split shot much easier than doing so with traditional clamps.