Fishpond Packs and Piopods in Maryland

  Fishpond’s innovative designs in their packs, accesories and luggage allow anglers to be better organized and show these products are designed by fly fishermen FOR fly fishermen. Many anglers are trying to start 2009 off right, by carrying less and staying organized. Backwater Angler has a wide variety of packs, vests, bags and accessories from Fishpond in stock.
San Juan Vertical Chest Pack

  My personal favorite is the San Juan Vertical Chest Pack, and I’m on my fifth year guiding with this pack. The best features are external tippet spool mounts, elastic floatant/dry shake holders, and an outside pocket to hold a myran box with split shot and indicators. Tools like nippers, hemostats and hook files can all be kept on the outside too, which means no digging around for frequently needed items. The two zippered pockets hold up to four C & F design fly boxes. Each of my boxes holds 564 flies, and thoroughly covers the majority of mayfly, caddis and midge hatches we experience in Maryland. The four point strapping system converts it from a chest pack to a fanny pack, or can be slung across the shoulder in higher water. This pack is perfect for anglers sick of carrying too much stuff, or want a bag that allows quick access to tippet, boxes and accessories. Other popular packs in stock like the Blue River Pack, offer more space for those anglers not willing to go the minimal route. The Eagles Nest Zip Pouch in small and medium can clip to a D-ring and hold loose items you want to keep close by. 

 Fishpond’s Piopod may help keep all our rivers, lakes and streams a bit cleaner. This “micro trash container” is perfect for tippet or leaders past their prime.

Fishpond Piopod