Sulphurs and Sallies On The Gunpowder River

The Sulphur Mayfly hatch is providing excellent dry fly fishing on the Gunpowder during the early afternoon through nightfall. The water temps are fluctuating between 60-66 from Falls Rd to Glencoe Rd, but are steadily dropping as spillover slows. Sulphurs are coming off consistently in many areas through mid to late afternoon. The shop’s wide variety of Sulphur dry fly patterns have proven effective for numerous customers who connected with the Gunpowder’s wild browns over the past three weeks. Sulphur dries fished through riffles are working during the midday, but skating or twitching them is the key.
Hooked Up
 Small Caddis dries fished blind will get strikes in the morning or midday, in the faster water. The best time for dry fly fishing is AFTER 4 PM, but most intense after 8 PM for rising trout during the Sulphur spinnerfall. Smaller duns, size 18, are emerging as the spinners drop, so consider a small dun if the browns are rising, but refusing spinner patterns. Lime and Yellow Sallies are also hatching toward dark, due to warmer water temps, and the stoneflies were heaviest downstream of Bunker Hill Rd through the lower C & R.  Although not dry fly fishing, but certainly easier, swinging flies or nymphing is a great way to get into a lot of trout midday or during the evening hatch. Browns are eating all varieties of nymphs. Stop in the shop for latest up-to-date info on patterns, techniques and locations as BWA guides are on the water daily. 

 Anglers fishing during the peak of the Sulphur hatch should expect to see other anglers, but as a general rule fishing within the same riffle, pool or roughly 100 feet is too close and where possible give a wider berth. When an angler is fishing a pool, other anglers moving up or down, should get out and step around them on the trail, not wade past on the opposite/near side, or fish down the middle, (that’s not helping anybody catch fish.)  There are miles of river, thousands of trout and good hatches at any access point on the Gunpowder right now. Give your fellow anglers some room, or wait until they move on, before moving into a spot nearby.  

The latest video post includes some footage of hatching Sulphurs, an unusual meeting of a Sulphur and lime Stonefly, and my first Gunpowder Brookie for 09′. I managed 11 last year on the Gunpowder, so I have some catching up to do.