Summer Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River

Yes folks the water is low, but the only surefire way to catch a few is to go fly fishing. Today the Gunpowder is clear, 56F and is flowing at 31 CFs. The fish in the stretch above Falls have been keying in on beetles. If you’re an early riser, try a few flying ants in the flat water between Masemore and Bunkerhill. Bluemount Rd access downstream has a bit more flow and the water is warmer, so a small streamer might be in order.Thanks to Creighton for the following kind words:

My father, Jim Byrnes, loves the Gunpowder and has to stop by and say hello to y’all every time we head to the river. I’ve met you both a couple times and enjoy fishing the various spots on the river. Anyways, I wanted to say thank you for your knowledge and pointing us in the right direction every time we come out there. I’ve attached a photo of a Brown I caught on Falls Rd. early June of this year. Thanks for everything.

Creighton J Byrnes

and to Scott for the following stream report:

Hi guys,
After a week and a half spent saltwater fishing up in Nantucket with not much to show for it, I’ve enjoyed catching some fish on the Gunpowder. On Saturday, I fished the lower river and caught many chubs on a caddis, most of which were three to six inches long. Just as dusk was approaching, I made a cast into a promising hole and was rewardedwith a huge splash, a screaming reel, and a magnificient leap. In the end, a 16 inch brown ended up in my net, easily the biggest fish I’ve caught on the Gunpowder.