Fly Fishing Report: Wassilla, Alaska

Thanks to Charles for the Alaska Fly Fishing Report.
Wassilla Alaska Fly Fishing

Hey Theaux,
Alaska was fun. I was disappointed with the lack of “fly” fishing opportunities along the famous waters of the Russian and Kenai rivers. It seems like everyone owns a fly rod but no one wants to fly fish. Disgusted with the thousands of people standing on the banks snagging passing fish, we hopped on a boat and were dropped off at up the Susitna drainage on a river called Clear Creek. There I had great fun catching Jack Kings which were the only salmon I found that would actively pursue my fly. I caught most fish on a large bunny fly called a Dali Lamma however my biggest fish of the trip (or ever) was on one of the Popsicles that you gave me. It was a huge king that I was lucky to bring in on my eight weight Z-Axis with the help of the local shop owner I bumped into on the river. I’m not sure how much it weighed because I didn’t want to lift it out of the water but it was big enough that the anglers around me called it a “moose!” I also found great rainbow fishing on a little piece of water in Wassilla called Cottonwood Creek. I caught a lot of good fish between thirteen and sixteen inches but unfortunately was eluded by the monsters you see in all the magazine pictures. Anyways thanks for the flies and the movie Spey to Z. I watched it a couple of times and have begun to feel really comfortable casting my new skagit rig.
Charles Kahahawai