Tricos on the Gunpowder River

Trico Mayflies on the Gunpowder River
The Trico mayflies are hatching along numerous miles of the Gunpowder River. Many reports from guides and customers relay growing numbers of the tiny mayflies throughout the many miles of the catch and release water. Tricos were also hatching throughout miles of river South of Blue Mount Road over the past weeks. The Trico hatch occurs early between 7 a.m. to Noon, and fish are often actively rising during the emergence and spinnerfall. A variety of locally tied Trico patterns in the shop are especially effective during the heavy hatches when numerous naturals are on the water. Patterns in the shop range from 20s down to 24s, and range from nymph, dun and spinner varieties. Many fish are eager to rise in the optimal water temps in the mid 50s, and even low flat water areas hold sipping trout. Riffles are good bets for Tricos, and looking for the swarming clouds high above the river can determine where they are going to drop later in the morning. Last summer the Tricos were consistently hatching through early Fall and provided some the best hatch fishing over actively rising trout. This early hatch allows local anglers to get out before work, or the traveling angler a chance to beat the weekend float crowd, and catch some wild trout. August is fast approaching and while most regional trout streams become too warm, the good fishing opportunities on the Gunpowder only continue.