Fly Fishing Tricos and Terrestrials

The Gunpowder river is flowing at a brisk 126 Cfs, is 57F and clear throughout much of the catch and release section. As a relative measure most wading anglers that have been experiencing ankle to shin deep water over the past month and will find that the river is knee to hip deep for the weekend! if you’re an early riser, Tricos in #22-24 range have made for great dry fly fishing. Big fish are on the feed! We have great conditions on the Gunpowder for fishing large terrestrials and streamers and a sink-tip line could be a lot of fun in the boulder pools. One can always swing a caddis through the riffles and find a fish or two.
Rainy's Foam Ant and Gunpowder Brown
Thanks to Aaron Holmes for the great pictures and report from July 22:

Hey guys,
I did ok with the terrestrials yesterday caught a nice rainbow with a foam ant… Bout 12 inches or so.
The pic is of a little rainbow, both were feisty though. I never seem to have the camera out when I hook the bigger ones.
Also got a pic of the beaver too.
Thanks for everything.
Aaron Holmes aka. The other Aaron.

and to John Bilotta for his report:

Thursday 7-16 we had a very nice late afternoon on the upper section. Caught five browns – two on # 14 stimulator, one on a #16 tan caddis, one on your small brown hopper, and one a green midge pupa. The best part of the day was from 7:30 p.m till dark, lots of fish feeding. The water was pretty low, slow and clear in most sections. Really needed to be quiet in your wading and presentation, and we kept our 6x leader generally about 12 feet. We wet-waded, which was nice given the air temperature felt about 90.

As usual, thanks again for your advice.
John Bilotta

Gunpowder River Beaver