Simms Headwaters Vibram Rubber Boot Review

Thanks to Mike Feldman for the Simms Vibram Boot Review and Stream report.

Spent Friday morning and Saturday mid-day on the GP. After some decent success Friday on the upper section near the dam I stopped in to the store. After trying on two pairs of rubber soled boots, decided on the Simms. Wore them on Saturday and they were great! Extremely comfortable right away, lightweight and grippy! In addition a short converstation with guide Jeff Lewatowski who gave me some great tips! Nymphed with a March Brown and a prince dropper with 2 small weights in the pools near Whale Rock. Caught about 6 decent size browns in 2 hours, and missed strikes on several more. Barely a cast,, caught them all within 10 feet of where I was standing using a technique I certainly knew, but had forgotten until Jeff made me think!!!! I suspect it would be well worth a 1/2 day of being guided even for reasonably experienced anglers like myself who get into the same old habits. Thanks for the shoes and the tips Theaux/Jeff.