Fly Fishing Midges and Catching Leaves along the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 56 Cfs and climbing, is clear and 56-58 F throughout the catch and release area. High winds and a full reservoir are allowing some slightly warmer water to spill into the Gunpowder river from Pretty Boy Reservoir on a bright fall day. Spillover is good! This morning the wind sock over the grass airfield was arrow straight. Fall is here and my old car now moves with a wake of leaves swirling behind it. We’ve seen only a few Gunpowder Regulars today intent on fishing small midges and the last of the terrestrials. One flatly stated this wind should, “keep folks off the stream and that’s good for me…” Midge activity above Falls Rd has been encouraging, (lots of rising fish) and a little frustrating, (remember the tricos?). Small streamer and caddis have been accounting for many more fish actually tricked throughout the catch and release area. If you’re nymphing keep the leaf catching in check by using a bit less weight on the leader.
Thanks to Steve for the stream report from last week.

Had a small window of time Monday evening, so I drove to Big Falls Road. Didn’t see much bug activity, and very few rises, (although I did catch a huge creek chub) as I worked my way upstream. I went with the standard bead head pheasant tail in size 16 and caught two standard 8” Gunpowder wild browns. In the deep run just upstream from the bridge, I could see fish rolling in the deeper water, taking nymphs I assumed. That’s where the second brown came from. Even with low flows, there are still fish to be had.

Steve Gutowski