Gunpowder River Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout in Maryland

Fly fishing this Fall along the Gunpowder has yielded recent catches of tiger trout. I can assure you that not many of these fish swim in the Gunpowder but it’s certainly a testament that catch and release works folks!
Following is a another great stream report and picture from Richard Gunion. Thanks Richard.

Dear Backwater Angler,
I was fishing the big pool at the bridge near Hereford High School and caught this tiger trout. This is my first one. At any rate it jumped out the water about 3 ft and put up a good fight for it’s size. Let’s hope it gets bigger like around 16″. These fish are supposed to be aggressive and good fighters. There were a lot of people out yesterday everywhere on the Gunpowder.

Tight lines,
Richard P. Gunion

The following report sent in to us about two weeks later is from Jeff Aicroth describing the animal and a nice Fall day spent afield. Thanks Jeff.

Wanted to drop you a quick note after seeing that pretty brookie on-line. Nice Pic.Last week, after visiting the shop, went to the Big Falls road access and started fishing about half way up the long straight from the bridge on the far side.The first fish was a good one tight to the bank which immediately nosed into an adjacent log pile and there the line stayed. Too deep to cross, and slack line didn’t help, and I was standing there debating on how to proceed…Finally decided the fish had given me the slip and I was hooked to a far away log. Put the pressure on and the line broke with no sign of an escaping fish (think he was long gone), so re-tied and returned to casting. Next fish was a beauty and oddly marked. Not big, 8-10″. Tried to use my cell phone camera but alas the memory was apparently full and no shot could be taken. It was basically a brown but had a distinct & much lighter flank with crowded spots tightly bordering it above and below, in addition it had the white edges on its lower fins and the upper spots were not round but more like a mottled pattern. Beautiful. Thinking hybrid. Certainly unique. Think I’ll start bringing a real camera – hate to miss not capturing this kind of beauty to share on film, so to speak. Final fish was a standard fare brown & a nice end to a brief but fulfilling afternoon.Thinking back, I believe they all fell for a caddis dry.

See you soon…