Stoneflies are in Your Future

The Gunpowder is flowing at 106 Cfs is clear, and is dangerously close to 38 F at Falls Rd. Slightly warmer water can be found a little further downstream as we still have a lot of spillover that’s keeping the upper sections cool. Large streamers dead drifted under indicators and stonefly nymphs fished through the shallow gravel are good bets. If conditions stay this warm, stoneflies should be buzzing soon. Black flies are also on the way and can be imitated with a number of midge patterns that have just arrived-just be sure to use plenty of 7x. We’ve had more than a few people falling in the water this week-5 at last count, so be sure to take your time out there and pack a full change of clothes just in case. The river, and the fish are waiting.

Thanks to Bryan for the stream report:

I just returned from fishing the Gunpowder at the put in on Bunker Hill Road. The fishing wasn’t bad, if a little cold… I didn’t get on the water until 4:00 pm, but caught a couple of browns almost right away. I missed a couple as well, including one long distance release after a hook-up. All of the bites and fish were on an articulated leech of about 2″ in length with a barbell head. I had the same luck yesterday, catching two and missing several. All 4 fish were caught above the unfinished bridge. 3 of the 4 struck hard on the fly, while one, a little 6″, sort of inhaled it and kept swimming.

It was FREEZING, but the Patagonia gloves performed excellently.