Spring Break Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder

Prettyboy Dam SpilloverJudging from the picture there’s still quite a bit of water out there. The trails are in great shape, if a little damp, and the winds today should help to dry things out a bit. Water temps throughout the catch and release stretch are slowly moving in the right direction. The river water at Falls Rd was 45 F this morning and temps at York Rd were measured at 48 degrees. Flows this week have been in the low 200’s and the water clarity is noticeably better today after a few “green water” days of reservoir turnover. Clear water conditions should allow for better nymph fishing through the fast shallow riffles. Bwo’s and black flies sized #18-22 are a good bet in the morning hours. This week, stoneflies in the #16-18 range have been coming off more regularly and if the wind ever knocks down we should be fishing dries from here until eternity. Pictures accompanying this post were sent in by Alex McCrickard who was enjoying a well deserved Spring Break from the rigors of Sewanee.
March Brown Trout

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