Custom Dry Fly Patterns and Accessories in Maryland

Dry Fly Supplies
We have a wide assortment of dry flies in the shop tied by Mike Bachkosky to match our Maryland hatches. There are quill bodied parachute patterns great for spinners, which can even be used as cripple/dun patterns in flat water areas. In the photo above are snow shoe winged Unusuals for midges, PMDs, olives, light cahills, hendricksons and sulphurs. The mayfly hatches are just starting, and the muffin tins are loaded in preparation for the next months ahead. These patterns are not just generic flies found in most catalogs, but are tied in the sizes and colors we see in Maryland. Mike is always willing to gather input and alter the patterns he ties for the Delaware, for use on our local waters. Another reason we get so excited about these flies is they are unsinkable when used with the products pictured above. The Dry Magic pen is a special gel designed for snow shoe rabbit fur and CDC feathers, which both utilize natural oils to repel water. Gink is great for hair wing and hackled patterns, but can actually counteract the natural oils and sink CDC or snow shoe patterns. Dry Shake is another popular alternative to gels and coats small flies with a white dust, making them easy to see on the water. Dry Shake Primer rubbed on the fly, is a wax that greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Dry Shake powder, by allowing the powder to adhere to the fly longer. “Priming and shaking” the fly often will allow the fly to ride higher, longer and be much more visible than using only gel based products. We have the patterns and accessories that can make the hatch fishing experience much more productive and enjoyable.