Hendricksons, Caddis and Even a Few Sulphurs along the Gunpowder

Fly Fishing the Gunpowder River during the Hendrickson Hatch
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 115 Cfs, is 61 F and clear. Lots of good reports of Hendrickson spinner falls in the evening this week have pulled folks away from most TV outlets-hockey excluded. Only a mid-May Sulphur spinner fall may distract some SEC employees from what they’ve been watching. We’re also seeing Bwo’s and small caddis in the morning followed by a few Sulphurs. Swinging soft hackles and unweighted pheasant tails sized #14-16 has been very productive in the afternoon. We have more shade along the river now that the trees have leafed out and the dry fly fishing is picking up. A lot of folks fishing 7x this week have left flies in fish-especially in the riffles. Snowshoe emergers, and rusty spinners are worth a shot-especially late.