Cooler Water Temps On The Gunpowder River

Wide Riffle On The Gunpowder
The recent hot spell combined with heavy rains caused the river flows and temps to climb over this past weekend. Flows spiked from the mid 80 CFs to 120 CFs on Saturday. As a result water temps hit the high sixties due to an increase in spillover at Prettyboy Dam. We were just informed this morning that a gate change was made to release water from the fifty five foot gate, to bring the water temp down for the trout. Previously water was mixed from the ten and fifty five foot gate, but the additional spillover brought temps above the targeted temperature. The switch to fifty five feet will help bring the temp down into the fifties, even with some spillover. As the dam becomes fully operational over the next weeks, there are plans to release water to lower reservoir levels and prevent any further issues with warm spillover. The drop in temperature will help keep the fish active through the middle of the day, instead of the early and late spurts of activity we saw this past week. Sulphurs are still hanging on, but they are very small. A good emergence of pale duns sized 18-20 takes place after 8 pm, and get the trout active on the surface. Mornings are good for BWOs, and they are sized 22-24. Caddis are always a good choice on the Gunpowder from now through the Fall. Midges are great for the fish sipping or going airborne in the flat water pools. Terrestrials are catching fish against the bank and under overhanging branches during the heat of the day. Caddis pupa patterns are a great way to catch fish midday, and the shop has a wide selection. While other streams in the region become too warm for fishing, the Gunpowder’s ice cold flows will provide ideal conditions for trout fishing all Summer.