Crayfish In The Gunpowder River

The sweltering heatwave of last week was an ideal time to test out my underwater camera housing. The view finder requires the person filming to be underwater, but I just tried to point-and-shoot from the knee. I was filming below the C & R section where the water wasn’t as cold as the upper river. When I got home to review the footage, it was interesting to see the variety of life under the water’s surface. Black nose dace, chubs and sculpins swam around, as I panned the camera over the bottom. Crayfish of all sizes were everywhere on the bottom. I even found two big soft shell crayfish in the process of molting. I also learned there are many more smaller crayfish that most likely become prey to a hungry trout, than the larger ones. Most crayfish patterns I tie are usually big, but a good pattern would be a size 12-16 olive or rust bugger. The interesting thing the camera picked up was the “snapping” sound that the crayfish made every time it flexed its tail to flee. The audio track is mostly muddled underwater sounds, but turn up the volume to hear the snapping sounds. I filmed this in a run where I fish often, and never knew just how many crayfish and minnows were swimming around my wading boots.