Wild Browns Sipping Tricos On The Gunpowder

Size 24 Trico and a real Trico mayfly
The morning trico hatch on the Gunpowder is pretty late compared to most streams. The fish start rising after 9 am until 11:30, and sometimes continue rising until 1 pm. On Monday I fished a section of river in the morning with decent hatch clouds of tricos, but not a lot of fish rising. The interesting part of the day was around 3 pm when trout started rising everywhere. I noticed a lot of female tricos emerging and the trout were quickly sipping them off the surface. The tricos in the air even grabbed the attention of some birds, including a few hummingbirds. I snapped the photo above of a freshly hatched trico next to a size 24 trico pattern. Lately the mornings have been best for spinnerfalls, but good numbers of duns are also hatching in the afternoons. Blue wing olives are hatching on cloudy days, early mornings and late afternoons. Last year both hatches stayed pretty consistent until November, so anglers have months to explore different areas to find the heaviest concentrations of mayflies. In the latest video post I filmed the afternoon trico hatch and browns sipping them off the surface. I included some pretty wild browns I caught on the Gunpowder in the 100th video post on the Backwater Angler website. To all the viewers out there, thanks for watching and stay tuned!