Harvest Moon over the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder is flowing at 156 CFs, is 52F and clear. This week I’ve been looking skyward as the autumnal equinox, the alignment of Jupiter and Uranus, and a looming harvest moon signals an official end to summer. Excellent flows this week have allowed folks that have very little water left in Northern Virgina and South Central PA to give the Gunpowder a try. If you’re fishing dries, Caddis, Olives and Tricos are still in the mix. Small Copper Johns with a caddis larva droppers are also accounting for quite a few fish in the riffles. The water will be dropping by Monday for the DNR annual shocking survey, so enjoy the flows and the fishing this weekend.
Thanks to Jason for the stream report:

Backwater Angler,
I’m sorry, I forgot your name. I was in the shop earlier today (Saturday). I am the PhD student from University of Maryland. I just wanted to say thanks for the info and the advice you gave me. My friend and I had a great day and caught a bunch of fish. We tried swinging the caddis emergers briefly but it’s just not what I’m used too. I think I gave up on that a little too quickly. Anyway, we wound up fishing the bead-head emergers under a fairly good size elk hair caddis. That seemed to do the trick. We were catching fish of all sizes in some surprisingly shallow water just like you said we would. All the fish came on the emergers. I was amazed at the density of fish in the Gunpowder. Again, not what I’m used too. We will definetely be back to the Gunpowder and your shop.

Thanks again for your help.
Jason Robinson

And thanks to Kevin for the kind words:

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the help last weekend. My buddy and I were the ones in early Saturday morning to pick up flies and get a report on the river. Learning a new body of water is always a process, and we would have been lost without the help. You’ve got a great river up there, and I hope to make it back soon for a fishing trip and hopefully a clinic or two as well. Always looking for chances to pick up new skills.

Thanks again and take care,

Kevin Chandler