Beware The Falls Road Beaver!

Gunpowder River Beaver
Apparently there is a beaver in the upper Falls Road section of the Gunpowder terrorizing anglers and boaters. We had two reports yesterday morning of beaver attacks, and a pair of shredded Patagonia waders to prove it. The beaver actually latched onto both angler’s waders, and knocked them down. Fortunately no one was actually bitten or injured. Today we received a call from an angler who was in the shop yesterday, and he mentioned three separate incidents in the afternoon. The angler, his friend and a kayaker all had encounters with this aggressive (possibly rabid) beaver. The two anglers were charged, and chased out of the water. The beaver was rumored to have tried to climb atop a passing kayak while in motion, (I’m not making this stuff up) before being hit with a paddle numerous times. The reports all point to the section of river directly below the Highland Trail access off the upper Falls Road lot. The section of river where these attacks have taken place is often referred to as the “old beaver dam pool.” It is easily recognized as the big flat just upstream of the Gorge stretch and boulder pools. We have reported the rogue beaver to Natural Resources Police. To anyone fishing in this area, be on the lookout for a large, brown, “floating log” with a taste for Gore-tex. Seriously though, if you are in this area be on the lookout. In two days we had 5 different reports, so this isn’t an isolated incident.