After the Storm, Low, Clear Water and Olives

Gunpowder River, Falls Rd access at 24 Cfs
What a Diff’rence a Day Made! The remnants of tropical storm Nicole have had their effect. Outside of the saturated ground and multitude of leaves scattered en masse along the trails, –a sight we don’t typically see until mid-October, the Upper Gunpowder Falls River is not any worse off. Just yesterday Frank Roylance was asking readers to vote on a poll titled: Should schools be closing due to heavy rain? Judging from today’s Baltimore Sun coverage of the Jones Falls, (also featured on his fine weather blog) the short answer, at least along the Falls Rd corridor near Mt Washington, is a resounding YES! So after locally heavy rains power washed my otherwise filthy car, tested my gutters and scoured local feeder creeks, the Gunpowder remains full of low cold water, spooky fish and tiny dries-if that kind of talk doesn’t get your blood up, you’re probably still pumping out your flooded basement. The Gunpowder river is flowing at 34 CFs, (read-shin deep) is clear above Falls Rd and is quickly clearing below York Rd. Flows should remain low through the weekend and beyond. Olives and Tricos are good morning bets and we’ve found a few fish at the heads of pools this week taking much larger flies than they should. We’ve grouped some lucky ones in the muffin tins on the front counter. Please remember folks that you could be doing worse things with your time than fly fishing and that no torch songs were ever written about the river, so be sure to bring up longer leaders in the ten to twelve foot range ending in 6 or 7x and plenty of moxie– or moxy if you prefer.