Bwo’s, 8X, Memorable Browns and Some New Rainbows in the Gunpowder River

After a deluge today the river is low, flowing at a placid 33 CFs, and clear. Dry Fly purists rejoice! Small caddis, BWO’s and a midges have accounted for most of the catches in the catch and release section this week. The upper river has been low for some time now and the fish are; tired of hiding, hungry and looking up. If you’re calling in sick tomorrow, you’ll still need some measure of stealth and 7x-and be sure to wear sunscreen so you won’t tip the boss off. If long leaders and tiny dries just aren’t your thing, reports that the lower river, from the Gas line downstream to Phoenix Rd being stocked today have been confirmed. The Gunpowder River at Glencoe Rd is moving right along at 97 Cfs as it is also influenced by Little Falls below Bluemount Rd. It should be clearing and dropping by Friday. Streamers anyone?

Thanks to Gary for the following stream report:

Theaux/ and Jason
Haven’t been to the shop in awhile but I did get out this past Sunday and fished a section upriver from the Masemore parking. After fishing the river for nearly 20 years I sometimes forget how beautiful and productive the Gunpowder is. As you know the water is low, clear and cold so I fished about a 14 foot leader with the last 18 inches stepping down to 8x. With nothing rising on the surface I tied a size 24 Bluewing, found a fast riffle that went over a two foot hole and casting up stream, skated the tiny fly over and around the deep area. I stayed there for about 2 hours landing some of the nicest fish I’ve gotten into this year. Once again I lost track of the numbers I caught, most were in the 7 -9 inch range. But I did catch four memorable trout, all browns and all in that 12 to 14 inch class. Fat and wide they made me work to keep the 8x from breaking. When I was done I looked around to take the end of the day beauty in and left thankful for having a river like this so close.
See you guys.

Gary S. Corriero