December Dry Fly Fishing Along the Gunpowder

December Brown Trout
Winter dry fly fishing is picking up along the Gunpowder. The river is flowing at 28 CFs, is 40 F and low and clear. We’re seeing the infamous tiny dots and Blue Winged Olives along the river. High winds have been making it challenging to get out this week. Thanks to fr. Paul for the following stream report and picture.

I wanted to drop a note about some recent fishing. You might remember I stopped in the shop a few weeks ago looking for some fly tying material to replicate those small little tan flies that I’ve seen buzzing around the river lately. Well, I came up with a pattern, tied a few up and threw them in the fly box. I was anxious to try them out last Friday when I was up. I’m happy to report success. I fished upstream of Falls Rd. bridge and the same little flies were coming off here and there, enough that the fish were rising to them. Amazing that it can be no more than forty degrees, spitting snow, and the fish are still rising to dries. In spite of the harsh weather, it was one of those really enjoyable days on the Gunpowder for me.

-fr. Paul