Fly Fishing Report from Elk Creek, Pennsylvania

Elk Creek Steelhead Fly Fishing

Thanks to Mick for the stream report and Pics from Elk Creek. At our counter you’ll often hear, “new gear is lucky gear,” –the mantra rings true again!

I finally got the chance to test the 8 wt. St. Croix Imperial and Lamson Guru combo you set up for me on my first Steelhead adventure. I spent a day and a half on Elk Creek near Erie, PA last weekend. After checking in at Poor Richard’s for local advice, flies, and tips I hit the water and spent Saturday working on technique, learning the water, and watching locals pull fish out. On Sunday it got a little colder, the wind picked up, and snow came down hard. Close to giving up for the trip – cold feet, ice on the rod, slush in the water, flies lost on the bottom; I tried one last drift. The indicator slowed for just a bit & I pulled the rod back. For about the 6th time, the rock I was obviously stuck on moved a little and here we go! This time the set was good and after some tough work I had my first Steelhead. I executed a quick CPR (catch-picture-release) and called it a day. Fun times on new water. But I’m looking forward to getting back on the Gunpowder. See you at the shop on the weekend.


Fly Fishing Elk Creek for Steelhead