A Tiger Trout Fooled on the Gunpowder River

Snowy Valley
The Gunpowder is flowing at 27 Cfs is 36 degrees and clear. Small grey midges are still coming off sporadically. Watch out for edge ice along the banks as it can make things interesting as one enters or exits the stream. Don’t be in a hurry to fish the middle of the stream. During this time of year, many fish hold in the shallows over leaf litter in order to pick off young of the year from last March. Midge larvae also tend to mass in leaf litter so fish where the food is and bring along a wading staff for good measure. The winds from last week have relented if only for a while and those that have been fishing pretty much have the stream to themselves. Masemore downstream and York downstream are still good bets. Stonefly nymphs, black nosed dace, and grey midge emergers are the ticket. Dress for the conditions and be careful out there…

Thanks to Matt for sending along a holiday fishing report of a tiger trout released on the Gunpowder.

Hi, Theaux,
 Happy Holidays!  I have a report/question maybe you can help with:
 I happened to have Tuesday off, so I decided to spend the first day of winter on the river. The low flows and bright sky, combined with the 9 pounds of stringy green algae I had to pick off my nymphs, were making the day tough. I was working my way up close to the dam, when I saw a few quick, splashy rises on the left bank. I quickly switched to a #20 olive dry fly, and in 2 casts had landed a feisty 6″ tiger trout…my first. I’ve not heard of tigers up so close to the dam before….most of the time I hear about them down near Bluemont, or in areas where a few smaller tribs flow in to the gunpowder. My question is this:  are there often reports of tigers so far up the catch and release area?  I assume this fish worked its way up stream from elsewhere, but it makes me want to hope that maybe some more brookies are setting up in the area (nothing against browns, of course).
Take care….I’ll be in soon for a new license!