Gunpowder River is Now Flowing at 144 CFs

Gunpowder River Ice
The Gunpowder River is now flowing at 144 CFs, is 36 F and clear. This increase in flow should provide plenty of oxygenated water for the fertilized eggs on the redds and push some of the Didymo that has been accumulating in the upper catch and release section downstream. An added plus is that the river water should be warming a bit at the higher flows so we’re that much closer to fly fishing for wild trout with imitations of blackflies and stoneflies. With lows in the teens and twentys this week, sleep in and start out midday with grey midges and stonefly nymphs. The flows are high enough now to drag out the North Branch-sized streamers and give them a go…Be sure to bring along and extra pair of gloves-you’ll need them!
Wild Brown Trout from the Gunpowder River