Gunpowder River Winter Fly Fishing is Heating Up

Gunpowder Brown Trout Tricked in February
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 28 Cfs is 37 F and is gin clear throughout the catch and release area. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and… the trails are treacherous. This week we’ve a lot of snow and ice letting go, refreezing and now slowly clearing along the Gunpowder. I was out on the river Monday with Candy Thompson from the Baltimore Sun checking wader wash stations. At Masemore, Bush cabin Run looked like a milkshake while the river upstream of this feeder creek was, you guessed it…gin clear. On Wednesday, we had a lucky fly angler from York County, Pennsylvania report the first fish of the new year caught on a mallard winged stonefly pattern right out of the muffin tins on the front counter. It was an honest 15″ and took the fly in a backwater eddy-ever wonder why the shop is called Backwater Angler? Thanks to Skye for the following stream reports and photos.

Hi Theaux and Jason,
The weather is bone-chilling but the fish can still be tricked out of
their winter lethargy! I happened upon a pool with several trout
podded up above Falls Road bridge. After playing with leader length,
defrosting my fingers, and changing out nymphs I finally tapped into
something that got their attention. I caught 5 beautiful browns
between 8 and 12″ on a double nymph rig–they preferred a #20 BH
lightning bug nymph tied on 6X fluoro to the bend of the copper
john/zug bug/prince nymphs I had as my first fly. I definitely missed
more than I landed; their takes were very subtle with just a slight
hesitation of the indicator. Wonderful day to be on the
Gunpowder…not a soul in sight!

All the best to everyone in the shop,

Gunpowder Brown in the Snow