Hendricksons and Clear Water Along the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder River Spring Flows are High and Clear

Recent stream reports are pointing to improving conditions on the Gunpowder. With each passing shower we’ve seen water levels on the river stay consistently high and clear. Water temps are also right on the money at 54 F by late afternoon so we’re seeing a mix of Hendricksons in the #14 range and a few #12 March Browns. Dark bodied bead head nymphs and weighted soft hackle patterns in the #14-16 range are a good bet in the riffles. I spent a great day in the shop and a nice evening on the water with our Spirit River rep this past Thursday. He tricked a heavy 15″ brown out of a log jam on an olive bead head zonker pattern and drove back to NJ smiling after flyfishing the Gunpowder river. Thanks to Skye and Ron for the stream reports.

From April 15th;

Hey Theaux and Jason,
Thanks for the tips before I headed out to try my luck. Your advice was right on the money–the Hendricksons (around size 14) started flitting about and alighting on the water around 2pm. I put on a heavy hackled pattern I picked out of the muffin tin last week. It wasn’t long before this gorgeous brown erupted out of a seam and engulfed the fly. He put up a nice fight and was gently released. Before he swam off I was able to snap an underwater picture of his recovery. Spring has sprung!

From April 19th;

Caught this brown using the 6.5′ 4wt Little Falls Bamboo.Great fun getting him in. He ate a caddis emerger Jason sold me the other day.
Happy days!
R. Trout

Peeps at Backwater Angler for Easter

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