Josh Reider’s First Hand Sulfur Account

Many Gunpowder regulars will recognize that Josh has been part of the scene at BWA since the Holidays. For those of you who have not fished the river since last year’s sulphurs, Josh brings good tidings in his first stream report. Between putting in time at Hereford High, Backwater Angler on the weekends and lacrosse practice he manages to fish more than most and is happy to share his knowledge!
From May 3rd;

Just went out this past Sunday downstream of Masemore. By the time that I arrived in late afternoon the river was packed with fishermen and hikers. However I think the weather scared some of them away, by around 6:30 PM everyone had left, it was an empty parking lot. The best advice I could give anyone would to be too not leave, to stick it out and fish until dark. For the first time this year I saw a SULFUR HATCH! It only lasted about 10 minutes but it was a great sight to see that we are moving closer and closer to summer. There were also plenty of caddis coming off towards dark. Many fish were smacking the surface violently to get the bugs. I ended up catching 5 in the couple hours that I fished; two were on streamers, a silver flash wooley bugger and a brown rabbit strip zonker that I picked up at the shop the day before. The other 3 were caught on a spent wing caddis pattern tied by Mike Bachkosky. It is a great pattern tied with snowshoe rabbit wings, size #16. Even with the high flows around 187 CFS, bugs and fish remained active! As next weekend approaches, I expect to see the number of Sulfurs increase dramatically. Don’t go out on the river without 7 main flies; Sulfur Duns, Sulfur Spinners, Elk Hair Caddis, Spent Wing Caddis, Caddis Pupae, Softhackle Pheasant Tails, and Wooley Buggers. With this fly selection you should be set. Make sure to fish the riffles hard, and sneak up on the flat water watching for rising fish. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the river!

Good Fishing,


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