Kaufmann’s Closes, a Not So Gentle Reminder to Shop Where You Get Your Stream Report

Alex Fishing the Gunpowder

Pictured above is Alex McCrickard who worked in the shop as a high school intern for two years, had an article about the Gunpowder River published in Fly Fisherman and is now headed to Wyoming this week to guide fly fishing trips on a ranch six days a week through August.

Thanks to Willy for the wake up call, the kind words and the link to Oregonlive.com that highlighted the closing of Kauffman’s Streamborne…

You probably saw this already, but in either case, it is a shame to see a local fly shop close. And Kaufmann’s; talk about an institution! Glad to see you hanging in there through the recent tough economic times. It would be a shame to lose the products and services you provide Thanks.

On a related and somewhat more local note, we just lost White Clay Creek Outfitters in Wilmington, DE. The shop’s last day of business will be May 29th.

For more on the topic, Kirk Deeter’s Field and Stream article titled; “Kaufmann’s Closes is Your Fly Shop Next?” should certainly raise a few eyebrows…

These closures are real folks and with them goes the knowledge base centered around the streams that the shops focus on. Shops are made up of staff and customers as much as the featured products.
With that said, we are truly thankful for our regulars and welcome new folks to stop in to the shop to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the Gunpowder River through our eyes.

The closing of Kauffman’s and White Clay is a not so gentle reminder to shop where you get your stream report.

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