Simms Vibram Rubber Soled Wading Boots In Stock

Simms Rubber Soled Wading boots
This Spring the shop received numerous shipments of Simms boots, and with the felt sole ban in effect in Maryland, boots moved quickly in the shop. Many anglers commented that they were both pleased, and a little surprised at how well the new rubber soles performed. The positive feedback on the traction of these boots, in all variety of terrain anglers encounter, has been a big selling point. Limiting the spread of aquatic invasive species has become the biggest driving force for anglers in PA, VA, DC, DE, who are converting from felt to rubber without bans in those states. Many of us in the shop have worn most styles of Simms boots, and can find anglers the perfect fit based on comfort or price. A large shipment of boots, in a variety of styles and price points, arrived at the shop this week. The selection of boots in the shop is easily one of the best in the region. The boot styles available (pictured above) from left to right are the Freestones, Headwaters, RiverTeks and Guide boots. All the boots feature the same Vibram StreamTread sole, which allow anglers the option of using screw in studs. The Freestones retail at $129.95, the Headwaters for $149.95 and the RiverTek at $169.95. The Guide boot with higher ankle support and leather construction retails for $199.95.