Central Pennsylvania Brook Trout Fishing Report

Eastern Brook Trout
I just got back this past week from central PA. While there are not many well known rivers and streams in that area, there are several small mountain creeks that hold high populations of native brook trout. We stay in a small town by the name of Eaglesmere and travel down the mountain to Worlds End State Park. In the park there are eight to ten small streams. My favorite is Double Run, it has four waterfall pools that range from three inches to nine feet in depth. The streams usually only span two to four feet. Many people would walk over a stream like this, thinking that there is no way that any fish could survive in such a small stream. An average catch on a stream is anywhere from ten to thirty fish a day-all about five inches long. Even though the fish are small they make up for it with their beauty. This year I was lucky enough to catch a seven year, fifteen inch trout which is by far the biggest fish I have ever taken out of the stream. I encourage people to get out and try some smaller streams up in the mountains of PA and MD. Brook trout are extremely fragile, and populations are declining all along the East Coast, so be sure to pinch the barb down on the hook and bring forceps to get the hook out of the fish. Try using a size #14-16 elk hair caddis. It will usually prove to be successful and it’s easy to fish.
Small Stream Brook Trout