Fly fishing for Walleye on the Gunpowder

Gunpowder River Walleye
Thanks to Roy for the stream report and photo;

In all my ten plus years fishing this gem I’ve never had a day like this! I worked my way up from the bridge at Falls Rd practicing my euro nymphing skills, I pulled a few fish out of the deeper seams as I fished up stream. I got up towards the big rock that blocks the river up from the bridge and started working the deep hole, I detected a strike and set the hook and the fight was on. My three wt was screeming and I saw the tail of the fish and realized I had a 20″ plus fish on. As I finally tired this brute out I noticed that it wasn’t a rainbow as I suspected but instead a walleye. Yes a walleye, I figure it had to get past the dam and get down here with all this rain we had! This 22″ fish decided to chow down on my egg pattern, I was totally amazed as were the staff of Backwater Angler!

Thanks Backwater for being my fly shop!
Your fellow angler!
Roy Greenway