Black Flies, Stoneflies and a Bald Eagle

Gunpowder River Hookup
As the frost was turning to vapor, a Bald Eagle flapped noiselessly downstream under the canopy of Poplars and just over the River Birch to drop into a Sycamore snag over a long, green flat. The Gunpowder River is flowing at 157 CFs, is clear and 42 degrees. The River has dropped in flow while warming a bit in temperature the past week. Black Flies are just starting above Falls Rd. Stoneflies are about in the lower river in the #14-16 range and throughout the catch and release section. These flies are tough to see without snow on the ground so as you’re walking the trails check your jacket sleeve every once in a while–then try a quill winged stonefly pattern in the flats and a deer hair stonefly pattern in the riffles. The wild fish have been slow to show themselves on the surface so fishing emergers that imitate the black flies can be an effective way to pass the time until one glimpses a rising fish-use enough split shot on the leader to get stuck in the gravel every half dozen casts. Snowshoe rabbit snow fly patterns are a good bet above Falls Rd. Streamers, dead drifted along log jams and cut banks have resulted in a few larger fish this week, including a 19″ wild Brown that Tom reported today.