Hendricksons on the Wane, Sulphurs Just Starting…

Big Gunpowder River Sulphur

After some much needed rain in the area this week, the Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at a near perfect 104 Cfs and is 53 to 57 degress throughout the catch and release section. With Hendricksons on the wane, Sulphurs have been reported peeling off mid-morning from Masemore through Bunkerhill. While we have not seen enough mayflies to have a concentrated spinner fall yet, this hatch is close to two weeks early and bodes well for early season dry fly fishing. Start with Mike Bachkosky’s Sulphur patterns from the muffin tins in the #14 range-we have a variety of snowshoe rabbit duns and emergers and just received a number of Catskill style dries that skate and tumble just like the naturals. Nymphing is still tough-owing to the amount of Didymo, but swinging emerger patterns and unweighted pheasant tails is a nice way to cover water this time of year. Be sure to check the fly regularly to make sure you’re not fishing a dreaded algae emerger. The lower river has been recently stocked with bright, hatchery rainbows (downstream of the Gas line between Corbett Rd and Upper Glencoe through Lower Glencoe, Sparks and Phonix Rds is closed till the morning of the 28th. The upper river in the catch and release section through the Hereford area of Gunpowder State Park and Blue Mount Quarry stretch and the two fish a day, wild trout section from Bluemount Rd downstream to the Gas Line is open year round and supports a wild, sustainable population of Brown trout.

Thanks to Chris for the stream report,


Thank you very much for your help on Saturday. I had a belting day, and absolutely loved it. I am not sure I even got past a mile of the route you told me about. I had four fish, and several more that got away. None of them massive, but great fun and beautiful looking fish. A couple on the flies you gave me and couple on a copper john. The scenery was great, and I didn’t see another soul until late on. Idiot that I am, I forgot I had the car key in the wader pocket! A few anxious moments when it didn’t work at the end…

You mentioned that there is a stocking this weekend. I am keen to have another go. Are you working in the shop Saturday? If so, I will drop in to restock on flies (several ended up in overhanging trees!) and get some advice on other spots to try out.

Thanks again for your help. You made it an really enjoyable day.