Dry Fly Fishing and Wild Fish an Easy Drive from BWI

Thanks to Evan for the stream report from April 27 and reminding all of us that the Gunpowder and rising wild fish are an easy drive (before 3:00 PM mind you) from BWI.

Hi Theaux,
Yesterday I had a few hours to spend on the Gunpowder after landing at BWI mid-day. Your website fishing report was right on.There was a modest Sulphur hatch going on but I experienced it from 2pm until 6 PM. Also Midges were coming off the entire time. I had my best day ever on the river as far as sheer volume of fish and every one of them took my little Catskill style dries. I lost count after awhile, haha. Next time I get up there I will be sure to stop by the shop.

Take care,