Read Stream Report, Go to BWA, Pick up Flies, Catch Wily Gunpowder Trout…Repeat

Wild Gunpowder Brown Trout in Baltimore County

The Gunpowder River is gin clear, 54 to 58 degrees is the catch and release section and is flowing at 72 Cfs. Sulphurs have been all the rage this week. Small caddis and grey midges have also been productive. Cloudy weather has been helping anglers connect with wild fish. Good reports of sulphur activity have been coming in from anglers fishing the catch and release section. Sulphur duns are in the #14 range and a mix of dun and emerger patterns out of the muffin tins have been accounting for a majority of the fish caught on dries. The lower river between the gas line downstream of Corbett through Upper and Lower Glencoe Rd, Sparks and Phoenix rd just reopened this past weekend after a recent stocking of 2, 640 rainbows.
Be sure to stop in the shop before heading out and please, don’t wait until June to fish the sulphur hatch!

Thanks to Joel for the following stream report and great photo from April 28.

Just wanted to give you a short report about the fishing yesterday. I spent the day wandering between Falls Rd. and the dam, and managed to get a few hookups, including this brown on a #14 sulphur pattern. There was not much surface activity in the morning, but the fish were more active once the temp warmed up. Looks like it might be another great day today, but unfortunately the yardwork is calling.


and thanks to Seth for the Stream report from April 29:

I stopped in the shop this morning, after seeing your report on an early Sulphur hatch, and to pick up some flies. As always, your shop is dead on, and subsequently, I had an epic morning. If I had brought to net every fish I caught (still working on that), I would have made it to eighteen! The takes were awesome – noisy and aggressive. I attached a few pics of these gorgeous Gunpowder browns we’re so blessed with. Can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful spring Sunday morning. Will hit the spinner fall later!
Thanks again,