Sporadic Rises, Small Dries and Wild Trout on the Gunpowder

Electroshocking the Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder is flowing at 31 CFs, is 54F to 56F in the catch and release section and is clear. The MD DNR Fisheries shocking survey is over. Thanks to all who participated! We’ve heard good initial reports of young of the year and a lone American eel at the Falls Rd station. The Bluemount station continues to produce chunky wild trout and seemingly limitless suckers and sculpins-their is a connection here. As soon as the official #’s are out we’ll post them on the site. Until then get out and find some wild browns on the end of your line. Until the first hard frost, hoppers and crickets are still in the mix-especially through the Bunkerhill section. Rainy afternoons and accompanying clouds have prompted a few Olives. We just received some beautiful parachutes down to a #22 from Mike Bachkosky-they have bright green posts for a reason! Staying on the small side, Tricos are still present most mornings but most anglers have reported sporadic rises. Stay witha 12ft 7x leader and think: short cast…long drift. A few Slate Drakes have been reported downstream of the catch and release area, so fish an Adams in the flats. Light tan and olive Elk Hair Caddis in the #16 to 18 range have accounted for a number of fish this week. These patterns are easy to fish, and skate like mad as long as they’re dressed with some powder and fished through the riffles.

Box of Wild Trout