Veterans Day Weekend Fly Fishing Stream Report

Thanks to Jed for the stream report:

Fishing was good. It was slow to start. I fished the deep areas next to downed timber but had only one strike on the muddler. I fished it with the 7 foot sink tip and a single shot up near the fly. It was getting down at least in the shallower water, but I also got it hung up in deeper water. When I got to a long slower riffle section about mid way between Bunker Hill and York Road I caught 3 in a row within 5 minutes. They hit the streamer with a vengeance. One fish was a nice deep bodied 11 incher. Then no hits for awhile, and then another smaller brown before I got the streamer stuck in a place underwater where I couldn’t get it out. I switched to a brown wooly bugger with the same rigging and picked up one chub before I called it quits. I saw no other fishers on the river. Also, it was amazing what Sandy had done. Trees were down all over including across the trails. Also, debris was just piled up. Large groups of land shrubs were flattened from the water coming out of its banks. It must have been something to see at its height.

Thanks Theaux.

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