New Year’s Eve Gunpowder River Fishing Report

New Year's Eve Gunpowder Brown
Despite the cold weather, harsh winds and snow, I have sent many people out fishing in the past week by simply issuing them a a 2013 fishing license, and handing off a basic assortment of nymphs and streamers, including a new leader, a spool of tippet and a few thingamabobbers. Fishing this time of year presents many challenges but if you’re willing to brave frozen fingers and cold feet the wild browns on the Gunpowder River are more than willing to cooperate. Usually in the winter months the flows are in the 30-60 CFs range, but in the past week the River has been closer to 250 to 150 CFs–a great flow for throwing streamers and heavy nymphs. Flows like this are to be celebrated and deserve attention by fisherman who are starting to get bit by the “fishing bug.” I’ve been out the past four days and have been able to pick up a fish or two each day by nymphing with stonefly and zebra midge patterns. One of the keys to fishing now is to get your flies to the bottom quickly while “slowing down” your fishing. Fisherman that do this should have many productive days on the water ahead of them. I’ll be fishing more in the coming year-will you?

Please note: If you need a license to ring in the New Year you may purchase a fishing or hunting license online or by phone at 855-855-3906. If you’ll be fishing the Gunpowder you’ll need a non-tidal, (freshwater) license and a trout stamp.