A Dusting of Snow and Stoneflies along the Gunpowder River

Green Cold Water on the Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder River is wonderfully green, flowing at 147 Cfs and is swinging from 39 to 41 degrees F. Trails are wet. Now is the time to consider putting in spikes in rubber soled wading shoes and/or bringing along a wading staff. The clean gravel is full of BWO’s nymphs. Small pheasant tails in the #20 range with plenty of shot will produce in the pocketwater. Stoneflies will start moving towards woody debris as the water temp warms up bit in the shallows. Mike Bachkosky’s red butt soft hackles in sizes #16 and 14 are best fished in the morning hours. If you get a late, start try skating deer hair winged stoneflies in the riffles between the powerlines and Bunkerhill Rd. Stoneflies are often easier to see with a little snow on the ground. A hillslide at Bunkerhill has made the north side access a muddy mess but the road is still somewhat passable. Air temps approached 60 degrees in Monkton and it was pleasant enough to try out the new rocking chairs on the porch. Big Flakes of snow started melting into the river this morning leaving a dusting of snow on the branches and trails, flows are about twice the average over the past ten years and still wadeable-the trails, river and wild fish await.
Dusting of Snow at the Low Trail