A Memorable Day on the Gunpowder

Wild Brown Trout in Baltimore County, MD
Fly fishing is a sport that constantly surprises me. One can have a memorable day by catching more fish then usual, catching a big fish, or just having seen an amazing hatch.This past Monday was one of those days for me. I hooked close to 10 fish and landed 3. One of the fish I didn’t land was a big brown pushing 18-20 inches. These are the kinds of days that keep us all coming back to fish again, and with the cold weather finally nearing its end everyone should be itching to get out and wet a line on their favorite stretch of the Gunpowder. Catching the fish on Monday was definitely tough but I was able to move fish on a streamer pattern. Fishing around structure like log jams, big boulders, or bushes at the rivers edge proved to be the most successful way to approach the fish. Within the next two weeks we should start to see heavier stone fly hatches. Moving from spot-to-spot and covering water may help you catch more fish or at least experience more action.