Blackbirds, Greasy trails and Stoneflies

Gunpowder River Stonefly
The Gunpowder River is a green, flowing at 152 Cfs and is 41 degrees. Fly fishing this weekend should prove to be a little more comfortable (warmer and less windy) than during the past week. Wednesdays anticipated snowstorm resulted in more blackbirds falling out of the sky than snowflakes. While most of the white stuff left us by Thursday morning, the trails are still plenty wet and a little greasy. If you have a pair of studs in your shoes use them. If you need a pair, stop in and we’ll make sure that you pick out the right kind for your Simms, patagonia or Chota boot before you head out. If you were planning on taking dramatic shots of snow covered boulders along the Gunpowder this March, photoshop may be your only hope now. Stoneflies and Olives are a good bet as the water drops and the air temps rise through the weekend. Try #14-16 red butt soft hackles in the gravel during the morning hours and bring along some snowshoe rabbit BWO’s in the flats and pools and a few Troth style Deer hair winged black stones to fish the riffles mid-afternoon. Leaders in the 9 to 12 ft length ending in 6 and 7x will do the trick. –Always remember that one has a much better of catching fish if, and when, one actually goes fishing.