Tricos, Caddis and Fish Missiles

Al's Trico by Mike Bachkosky

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 110 Cfs, is 55 degrees and clear. Bwo’s, Tricos and Caddis are all part of the mix now that the water has reached the mid 50’s. As the following report indicates, insect and fish activity is closely linked to water temperature.Thanks to Gary for the stream report from August 10


Fished the upper section of the river on Saturday 8/10 and had some ‘maddening’ fun with the tricos. It still amazes me how the fish can see those things but I took a lot of hits and landed quite a few fish using a reverse hackle pattern. At about 6:30 pm the water looked like a missle launch site with fish coming out of the water up and down the river. Earlier in the day I started with a #16 dry tan caddis and landed two fish but it stopped producing which surprised me because I caught a fish on the very first cast of the day. I switched to a grey ghost but unfortunately I lost it when a good size fish took a hard swipe and broke the line. That’s when I switched to the trico. I fished a long leader at around 14 feet but didn’t go down to 8x. There was some nice mist hanging over the water and that appeared to keep the fish from spooking and in an active feeding mode.
All in all another great day fishing the GP.