Low Water Labor Day Weekend

YOY Brown Trout

The Gunpowder is flowing at 29 CFs is clear and warming up. Water temps have risen in the past week from a high each day of 52 F to temps approaching 58 F. Fish have been looking up after 11 AM and are taking tricos, small caddis and terrestrials. Flying ants and small beetles are also worth a shot. Wet wading is certainly possible as the river has plenty of exposed gravel bars at these flows. Small dries in the #18-22 range fished with a long (10-12ft) and fine (6-7x) leader have been accounting for lots of wild fish in the flatwater. As Josh’s recent stream report indicates, with the recent drop in streamflows, you’ll find plenty of Young Of the Year (YOY) pushed into the open and in the sights of larger browns.

Thanks to Josh Reider for the following stream report and pictures:

The past couple weeks I have been hearing accounts of people coming in and explaining they are catching tiny fish with no true explanation.The reason is the young of the year are getting to the size where they have started to move into the main-stem of the Gunpowder. Bigger fish take advantage of this and prey on these fish. I prefer to try to fish a streamer that has great movement under the water. Rabbit strip zonkers move like a baby fish and will only help your odds of tricking a big fish on the Gunpowder River.

Wild Brown Trout in the Mid-Atlantic

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