Low Water and Wild Trout on the Gunpowder River

Low Water Brown Trout

Thanks to Mike Colegrove for the stream report and picture:

With the recent drop in air temperature it seems that fall has graced us with her presence. The stream is still quite low at 31 cfs so expect to find fish in areas with access to deeper water, cover, and shade. Now is a good time to fish the pools, tailouts and deeper riffles above Falls Road. Water temps are in the mid 50’s by noon so the fish are in good shape, active and a little skittish. Keep your false casting to a minimum and use the longest leaders you can turnover comfortably. Caddis and small terrestrials are still moving fish. If you are more inclined to fish in the morning, standard Gunpowder nymph rigs like pheasant tails, caddis pupa, and zebra midges are worth a shot.