When One Wild Fish is Sometimes Enough

Gunpowder River Brown Trout
The Gunpowder is flowing at 104 CFS is clear and 56 to 58F. With River flows and water temps up, wild fish don’t have nearly as long to study flies and they will be snapping at well presented dries. For now, plan on ditching the 7 and 8x and enjoy fishing some more reasonable ( 9 ft 4 and 5x) leaders and tippet (5x and 6x) for now. Larger hopper patterns and heavy streamers will account for a number of fish at these flows. Nymphing with some shot and a double nymph rig-like a copper John followed by a small hare’s ear will do the trick. For dry fly fisherman, tricos, BWO’s and small stoneflies are still part of the mix-spend some time in back eddys fishing these small flies to rising fish.

Thanks to Joe for the stream report and pic from September 23:

Hey Guys,
My name is Joe Irby, and I recently fished the Gunpowder River for the first time ever. I am really good Friends with Alex Mccrickard, we went to Sewanee together, and he actually taught me how to fly fish. Because I have done a lot of fishing with McCrickard, I have heard TONS of stuff and seen a lot of pictures of the fish that he has caught there. So this past Sunday, another buddy of mine made the hour trip from Alexandria, to the Gunpowder. We had no real idea where we were going and just found a spot where to road crossed the river. I came to a deeper pool with a nice riffle a couple hundred yards upstream from the bridge. About my third cast into this riffle, I hooked into something that I thought it may have been a smallmouth at first, but after a couple minutes of fighting this fish, I was surprised to see a nice, long, brown trout. I am from western VA, near Lexington, so I catch a lot of bows, but unless I want to spend all day on my hands and knees at Mossy Creek, there is nowhere to catch nice brown trout. So when I saw this fish, I was beyond excited. It was the only trout I caught that day, but I will definitely be returning soon. In short, I sent photos of the fish to Alex and he said it was a nice fish for the Gunpowder. He told me to get in contact with Theaux and to send the photos to y’all. I didn’t measure the fish and I put it back pretty quickly. The photos aren’t great quality, but he said y’all may want to put them up on your site (which is awesome by the way, I had never checked it out before and since I’ll be on the Gunpowder more this year, I will absolutely be frequenting the page.) Feel free to use them how you see fit.