Low Water and Wild Trout in November

Brown Trout in Maryland

The Gunpowder River is gin clear, flowing at 40 Cfs, and is 54 to 57 degrees F throughout the catch and release section. Hatches are winding down. Warmer water temps in the afternoons have allowed a few cream midges and a Blue Winged olive or three to lift off. Warmer water temperatures this week from the drop in flow and mild evenings have resulted in more active wild fish. Unweighted streamers are a good way to cover water around the log jams. Small terrestrials-especially beetles are still accounting for a few fish. In low water, try to approach fish especially along the edges of riffles and banks with longer (12ft) leaders ending in 6 or 7x. Thanks to Josh Reider for the great shots of the wild Gunpowder River browns and to Dan Hinder for the following stream report from October 28:

Hey Theaux,
Thanks for your help on Sunday. I went out yesterday late afternoon and after several takes finally managed to hook up on the wet fly you recommended, the fish were small but it made all the fish less trips to the Gunpowder worth it. Again thanks for your help.


Maryland Brown Trout