July on the Gunpowder River


The Gunpowder River is flowing at 104 CFS at Falls Road, a higher flow then we are used to seeing in the dead of summer.  The frequent thunderstorms have added enough water into Prettyboy Reservoir to keep the flows high.  Fishing terrestrials in the sections below Falls Road has started to prove productive and will only heat up as we continue through the remainder of the summer.  Caddis have also been hatching throughout the middle of the day into the evening, a simple X-Caddis or Elk-haired Caddis in a size 16 should do the trick.  Nymphing small Pheasant-Tails and Zebra Midges have been the best way to fool fish in the morning before the water heats up.  The fish above was tricked on a caddis in the upper river.  The fish pictured below was caught by Stephen Knott on a streamer right before a thunderstorm, a great fish to see on the Gunpowder.