Low Flows and Big Fish on the Gunpowder River


Fishing on the Gunpowder the past week has been very difficult.  Long leaders ending in 6X and 7X are a must.  With the flows at only 32CFS at Falls Road you can expect most of the fish to be holding in deeper riffles and pools until the flows bump back up.  Fishing small nymphs under small terrestrials is still a great method.  Many have also had luck fishing unweighted traditional streamer patterns.  The fish above ate a small streamer in a deeper pool on the Gunpowder.  I caught it on a 10′ 5 weight Scott Radian.  It was a great fight, with one jump and a few runs that took me a hundred yards upstream then back downstream.  It is not to often that we see a fish this big, but they are in the Gunpowder.  Stop in the shop on your way to the river and pick up some flies and long leaders to fool the brown trout on the Gunpowder.